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Raspberry Pi: Print Server
11 Nov 2012 07:08 5

One of the reasons I bought a Raspberry Pi was to use it as a multi-use server. Web server, SAMBA file server, PBX server, etc And with our main printer being a Laser Monochrome without network, a Print Server was certainly be a great idea! First off, the printer I had to share was a Brother... Continue reading...

Raspberry Pi: Initial Setup
08 Nov 2012 13:25 0

My Raspberry Pi arrived at the start of this week. It is now Friday, and it's time to get some pictures up of my setup and give my first impressions. My Setup Most of my setup is pretty simple. I have a HDMI to DVI-D adapter to connect to my monitor, a USB charger and a Kindle Micro-USB cable for... Continue reading...

Raspberry Pi: Just arrived!
05 Nov 2012 05:59 0

My Raspberry Pi from ModMyPi has finally arrived after 11 working days (they said it would arrive between 5 12 working days, so they were on time!). For the next couple of weeks, I have my yearly exams coming through so, I won't have any time to write any tutorials. But an unboxing video will be... Continue reading...

Simple PHP Templating System
22 Oct 2012 09:21 5

As part of a new project I've just begun working on, I've started employing HTML templates. One of the main uses of HTML templates is to allow for easier debugging and management in the long run. It keeps dynamic code off the actual static part of the page and placeholders are replaced by dynamic... Continue reading...

Raspberry Pi: Coming Soon!
21 Oct 2012 21:28 0

Earlier this week, I ordered two Raspberry Pis one from RS Components (expected to take 6 weeks before dispatch) and the other from ModMyPi which ships with a case and a Pi from Farnell (expected to take 2 weeks). I've got several ideas planned and plotted for using these Pis so I'll write more... Continue reading...

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