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NBN Co to ignore Cost Benefit Analysis
13 Feb 2014 06:49 0

(rant) The NBN Co and Malcolm Turnbull has already indicated that they will ignore any outcomes of the Cost Benefit Analysis by already indicating that FTTP is being ditched for their second rate MTM network to meet political objectives. Both the Government and NBN Co have entered into... Continue reading...

FTTN: the Pair Gain System of the 21st century
02 Feb 2014 02:12 5

I think it's fair to say that telecommunications in Australia has already been plagued with similar models of multi-technology mix setups just like what NBN Co has proposed. And evidently, the system of pair gains in the copper network has been messing things and disadvantaging individuals for... Continue reading...

NBN: Submission to NBN Commitee
31 Jan 2014 06:39 0

I submitted a 22-page document to the Select Senate Committee on the National Broadband Network detailing my concerns on the new look NBN earlier this week. It is a broad submission with specific details into certain aspects which I'm concerned about. You can download the submission here (PDF), or... Continue reading...

Why a 'no-disruption' FTTN could cause more disruptions than FTTP
27 Jan 2014 10:09 5

Remember when Malcolm was touting one of the great advantages of an FTTN/dp/B network would be that there will be no disruption to the end user premises? Oh, you forgot? Here's a reminder: Page 15 of the Coalition's Plan for Fast Broadband and an Affordable NBN Well, there it is loud and clear. ... Continue reading...

NBN Co releases test agreements for FTTB
23 Jan 2014 09:06 5

NBN Co released, earlier today, the test agreement for Retail Service Providers for piloting their Fibre to the Basement trials in multi-dwelling units. The network builder had indicated late last year that they would trial this methodology of rollout in multi-dwelling buildings like apartments,... Continue reading...

Remove 74% of the utility by reducing 25% capex
12 Dec 2013 10:09 5

With much fanfare, NBN Co today released a redacted version of their 60-day Strategic Review intended to assist the Government in shaping their policy, or statement of expectations for the company. In their strategic review, NBN Co canvased multiple scenarios which they have considered: Revised... Continue reading...

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