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NBN Co: mixed messages everywhere
15 Apr 2014 04:25 0

NBN Co has been sending mixed messages left, right and centre in the past couple of months. Since the new management came in and with new policy directives from a change of Government, the network building company seems to have lost any sense of direction sending mixed and confusing messages to... Continue reading...

NBN: The First Node Arises
12 Mar 2014 07:28 5

Updated 4th April 2013: See new maps below based on recent node sightings Well, what do you know? The first node in NBN Co's Fibre to the Node implementation trial has been installed in Umina Beach, near Woy Woy NSW. First spotted and photographed by Whirlpoolian dazed and confused (in this case, I... Continue reading...

NBN's disconnection flaw
08 Mar 2014 09:52 0

As the NBN gets rolled out across Australia (well, it was anyway), an agreement between Telstra and NBN Co means that the Telstra copper network will progressively be turned off 18 months after a Fibre Serving Area Module (FSAM) is marked as being ready for service . The problem with this system is... Continue reading...

NBN Co's RFS dates are increasingly accurate
05 Mar 2014 06:39 5

Since the election, NBN Co has consistently been providing expected ready for service dates that are more accurate than ever before (for areas less than three months from expected Ready for Service). These dates are now more realistic and achievable target dates now that the company is without the... Continue reading...

NBN to triple premises without 'Super Turnbull'
24 Feb 2014 10:26 5

NBN Co was expected to more than triple the number of premises passed up till the date of the September 2013 election, relying only on build contracts issued prior to the election. Build contracts for approximately 518,400 premises were issued up until the month of the election, with only 168,733... Continue reading...

NBN Co claims they're incapable of copy/paste
13 Feb 2014 08:43 5

In a 24 day late response to questions taken on notice from the Supplementary Senate Estimates hearings last year, NBN Co had said that reporting FSAM level analysis would require an unnecessary diversion of the company’s resources . So apparently, it's too much effort for NBN Co to copy data... Continue reading...

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