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Government launches Open Data initiative
09 Jul 2014 02:18 0

Earlier today, the Government launched its National Map Open Data initiative to coincide with the GovHack 2014 event starting Friday this week. The map aggregates existing Government datasets and presents it in a centralised mapping tool for viewing. I'm glad to see that the Government is taking... Continue reading...

Widely cited AFR article is factually incorrect
11 Jun 2014 06:19 5

In a widely cited article first published by the Australian Financial Review’s telecommunications reporters David Ramli and James Hutchinson broke the news claiming that over 118,000 homes and business had “defective” NBN fibre connections and that it would cost “more than $100 million to fix the... Continue reading...

NBN Co adds remediation to rollout map
04 Jun 2014 11:49 5

In a website update late Wednesday night, NBN Co has added FSAMs (Fibre Serving Area Modules) that are undergoing Telstra remediation to their rollout map marking them as having commenced Build preparation . A full list of FSAMs added to the remediation stage can be found at the end of this post.... Continue reading...

NBN Co changes the premises passed metric
30 May 2014 02:11 5

Metric is now more conservative and relevant to service providers During a Senate Budget Estimates hearing last night, NBN Co revealed that changes were made with respect to the way premises passed was defined in the weekly rollout statistics. NBN spokesperson, Andrew Sholl, said off the record... Continue reading...

Ooops... Comms Department mistakes myNBN for myBroadband
28 May 2014 10:56 5

Whoops When questioned about by Senator Pratt release of data by NBN Co today at the Senate Environment and Communications Legislative Committee earlier today, Drew Clarke, the Secretary of Department of Communications mistakenly said that: myNBN is one of the department's website. I'm very... Continue reading...

NBN: Details of FTTN pilot emerge
23 May 2014 02:40 5

Earlier today, NBN Co released the test agreement details for its Fibre to the Node pilot in Umina Beach, NSW and Epping, VIC. After initial delays with negotiation trial access to the copper with Telstra, NBN Co is set to commence the customer trials on or around 1st June 2014. NBN Co will be... Continue reading...

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