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Update: nbn™ 3.5GHz LTE test sites
26 May 2015 16:53 5

As reported earlier on jxeeno blog, nbn™ has begun testing the use of the 3.5GHz spectrum for Fixed Wireless in outer metropolitan areas. The ACMA has updated the list of NBN Fixed Wireless towers where 3.5GHz transmitter and receivers have been installed: Tower Location State ACMA site ID 51... Continue reading...

The end of an era: FTTP rollout comes to an end
17 May 2015 14:00 5

Multi-Technology Mix replaces the full Fibre to the Premises rollout It's been known for some time that the Fibre to the Premises rollout will come to a head. As expected after the introduction of the Multi-Technology Mix (MTM) rollout strategy as directed by the Government's Statement of... Continue reading...

nbn™ proposes satellite fees: rural customers lose out again
04 May 2015 01:00 5

nbn™ has clarified some of the contents of the original post. The post has been updated in light of this new information. As part of nbn™'s industry consultation on the Long Term Satellite Service launching next year, the company released a list of proposed charges for the satellite service to... Continue reading...

Why trademarking the NBN will be a bad idea
27 Apr 2015 01:03 5

(opinion) NBN Co Limited, the company responsible for building the National Broadband Network (NBN), began trading as simply nbn™ from this morning. This means that simply by changing the letter casing (upper-case to lower-case) you will be referring to different things: nbn™ (the company) and NBN... Continue reading...

NBN Co to conduct 200 end-user FTTN trial
20 Apr 2015 06:48 5

Update 5:03pm: The link to the test agreement was incorrect in the original article. The link has since been updated. In their second FTTN trial test agreement released today, NBN Co reveals that they've begun planning for an additional 200-end users to trial and test the Fibre to the Node... Continue reading...

NBN Co culls more areas from rollout map
08 Apr 2015 10:51 5

Following a map update yesterday, NBN Co has removed approximately 58 thousand premises that were previously slated for a Fibre to the Premises rollout from its rollout map. These premises, spread across 22 Serving Area Modules (SAMs) in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA, were all in the Build Preparation... Continue reading...

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