Huawei U8150: Ice Cream Sandwich!
08 Jan 2013 05:57 4

No, it isn't a themed Gingerbread or Froyo ROM, it's true Android 4.0 goodness on this 3 year old phone. XDA Developer Member tilal6991 has compiled a version of CM9 for this device. No, it's not blisteringly but nor was stock 2.2 anyway. The ROM is called ColdFusionX and it's available on the XDA... Continue reading...

Wikidot: Wouldn't it be nice...?
08 Jan 2013 03:40 5

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have these for Wikidot one day? Continue reading...

New Phone: Huawei U8150
27 Nov 2012 13:02 5

During Click Frenzy last year the sale that stopped the nation , I dived in a bought myself a new phone namely, the Huawei U8150 from Wireless1 for $49 (+ $10 postage). While it isn't a blisteringly fast phone, it does the job and is certainly an upgrade from my existing Nokia N97 Mini which... Continue reading...

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