Wikidot: New Features/Bug Fix Roundup

There has been a sudden spree of wishes granted and bugs fixed in the past 24 hours on Wikidot. Let's have a quick run down of them:


We are now able to disable/enable hotlinking to uploaded files on Wikidot. This feature can be toggled in admin:manage under Access Policy.


Future Dates

Remember the [[date]] tag on Wikidot where we can format dates to show how many years, days, minutes, hours have passed since a certain time? We can now do this with a timestamp in the future! Previously, it was limited to a negative value, only showing the number of days passed. Now, we can have a fully fledged days/hours/minutes/seconds till:

  • 16 Nov 2012 12:00
  • 21 Feb 2393 09:20
* [[size 120%]][[date 1353067200 format="%O till/since 12:00 16th Nov 2012"]][[/size]]
* [[size 120%]][[date 13353067200 format="%O days to go until this blog closes down"]][[/size]]

5-Star Rating Variables

The Rate Module and the ListPages module has been upgraded to take advantage of the new 5-star rating system. We now have two new variables in ListPages (%%rating_percent%%, %%rating_votes%% and %%rating_decimal%%). All three are pretty self explanatory:
Variable Use
%%rating_percent%% Displays the 5-star rating value as a percentage.
e.g. A decimal 2.5 will return 50
(NB, no percentage symbol returned)
%%rating_votes%% Returns the number of 5-star votes made
%%rating_decimal%% Returns a decimal equivalent score as seen at the bottom of the page
e.g. 4.7
%%rating%% Continues to return the static star images

You can now also use the Rate module to display these variables:

[[module Rate]]
Average Rating %%rating%% from %%rating_votes%% votes


Thanks as always to the guys at Wikidot. Without their dedication in creating this awesome platform, this blog wouldn't exist. You guys do an incredible job :D

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