Raspberry Pi: Coming Soon!

Earlier this week, I ordered two Raspberry Pis — one from RS Components (expected to take 6 weeks before dispatch) and the other from ModMyPi which ships with a case and a Pi from Farnell (expected to take 2 weeks). I've got several ideas planned and plotted for using these Pis so I'll write more about these projects as my Pis arrive. Here is a basic outline of my plans:

EDIT (23rd Oct 2012): ModMyPi just shipped my Raspberry Pi! I'm expecting it in 5—12 days (vs. RS's 6 weeks).

  • SAMBA File Server: centralised storage utilizing my 1TB Western Digital External Hard Drive
  • Cloud-backup: together with the centralised storage, I plan to backup certain important files e.g. photos to my Dropbox nightly at 2AM when no-one uses the network and during off peak times.
  • Intranet: The idea is to have a centralised home page where statistical information is shown. e.g. network status, VoIP status, mobile credit and internet usage.
  • PBX: for our Voice IP service, I would love to be able to switch between VOIP and PSTN simply my calling a different gateway number or prefix. The idea is that installing a PBX will solve those issues.

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