NBN Rollout Search Tool

To kickstart the jxeeno name, I've released the first jxeeno branded service - an NBN Rollout Search Tool. Now, this is probably only relevant to Australians who visit this tech blog… but that's cool — it's part of the slogan of the blog "100% Australian".

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two years, you've probably heard of the NBN (a.k.a. National Broadband Network) which utilises a combined Fibre-to-the-premises, Fixed (4G LTE) Wireless and Satellite to deliver broadband of at least 12Mbps Australia wide. This infrastructure project is designed to replace the current copper line system which is continually deteriorating.

Now, the rollout has been underway for a while now… so, I've developed a quick tool that can be used to quickly look up if your area is under the rollout. It retrieves data from multiple sources on the NBN Co. website and displays it all in one conveient location… I present you the NBN Rollout Search Tool.

The search tool has now been removed. Please refer to myNBN.info instead

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