NBN Co claims they're incapable of copy/paste

In a 24 day late response to questions taken on notice from the Supplementary Senate Estimates hearings last year, NBN Co had said that reporting "FSAM level" analysis would "require an unnecessary diversion of the company’s resources". So apparently, it's too much effort for NBN Co to copy data from an Excel document and paste it. Wow, NBN Co. A new low for you.

The question in question is number 205 (you can find the question and response here).

Provision of more detailed information at the Fibre Serving Area Module (FSAM) level is not provided publicly and to report regularly at this level would require an unnecessary diversion of the company’s resources.

Well, NBN Co — your answer doesn't even answer the question. And the answer itself is wrong too. You already publish FSAM breakdowns on a weekly basis, you just stick a "commercial in confidence" label on it and ship it off to Retail Service Providers — so you wouldn't be diverting resources by simply copy and pasting the contents of a file. You're just being non-transparent.

And back to answering the question — in fact, if you're at all slightly serious about answering the question on notice — which, you are required to do… you'll find that you can find all of the answers in a single Excel spreadsheet. I'll even chuck in the file name and the path to find it:
S:\Commercial Strategy\Telstra Agreement\Telstra SA\Reporting\Rollout Notifications\FSAMs Dashboard_Master.xlsm

Transparency 101, have fun.

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