NBN Co tests 3.5GHz fixed wireless in outer metro areas
12 Feb 2015 12:47 5

NBN Co has commenced testing the 3.5GHz spectrum slated for use in NBN Co's fixed wireless network in outer metro areas. NBN Co's current Fixed Wireless network uses the 2.3GHz spectrum in regional areas after acquiring the spectrum from former satellite TV provider Austar. However, it lacked the... Continue reading...

NBN Co reveals 18 month rollout plan
30 Nov 2014 14:31 5

NBN Co released their new multi-technology rollout plan for a forward looking plan of the next 18 months. In their limited rollout plan release, which bares little resemblance or detail previously seen in NBN rollout plans, the company lists the area and the technology planned for use in their 18... Continue reading...


Online Copyright Infringement - Submissions
26 Nov 2014 07:07 5

The Attorney-General department has finally released the approximately 600 submissions that the public had made to the consultation process of the Online Copyright Infringement discussion paper. Some journalists were fortunate enough to have these submissions physically mailed to them (in all of... Continue reading...

It's official: NBN Co lowers CVC charges
26 Nov 2014 02:47 5

It's official. NBN Co released details of their amendment to the Wholesale Broadband Agreement signed by Retail Service Providers, revealing that they will lower the cost of their CVC (connectivity virtual circuit) from $20.00 per Mbps to $17.50 per Mbps effective 1 February 2015 . In their letter... Continue reading...

MTM technology guidelines: help crowdfund this FOI request!
20 Nov 2014 04:37 5

Update - Crowd-funding Target Reached! Thank you to everyone who contributed. I'll have a quick follow-up blog post up soon. Do you want NBN Co to release the detailed multi-technology guidelines used to determine which network technology (FTTP, FTTN or HFC) in which areas? Only a very short... Continue reading...

Fibre rollout may be one-third less than Strategic Review
16 Nov 2014 02:10 5

NBN Co may rollout as little as 16% fibre to the premises under new principles released by the company. Their new guidelines reveal that within the fixed-line footprint, only new developments with over 100 premises or areas where fibre rollout are in advanced stages will likely receive Fibre to the... Continue reading...

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