Netflix launches in Australia with 1k titles!
23 Mar 2015 14:43 5

Netflix has finally launched its Australian and New Zealand offerings. Needless to say, one of the first questions was what movies/TV shows are being offered ? Based on my initial number crunching, it looks like a total of 1,326 titles are being offered by Netflix in Australia. I've compiled a... Continue reading...

NBN Co releases new Technology Choice Policy
12 Mar 2015 11:12 5

NBN Co is set to give consumers more choice over the technology being rolled out. They have released their new Technology Choice Policy which will allow individuals or whole areas to switch from NBN Co's designated technology under the Multi-Technology Mix model to an alternative technology type at... Continue reading...

Rewind/Fast Forward 2015
10 Mar 2015 08:54 5

I will be speaking at Rewind/Fast Forward on Wednesday 25 March at Doltone House on Hyde Park, Sydney in celebration of 20 years of the commercial internet in Australia. I'll be speaking alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry, including: Simon Hackett - Founder of Internode Pippa... Continue reading...

Phone-only consumers to pay more in FTTN and HFC
28 Feb 2015 04:53 5

analysis NBN Co has confirmed that they will force phone-only customers within their Fibre to the Node and HFC footprints off the existing PSTN service delivered over the current copper network from Telstra exchanges. Like the current migration of customers in the Fibre to the Premises footprint,... Continue reading...

NBN Co tests 3.5GHz fixed wireless in outer metro areas
12 Feb 2015 12:47 5

NBN Co has commenced testing the 3.5GHz spectrum slated for use in NBN Co's fixed wireless network in outer metro areas. NBN Co's current Fixed Wireless network uses the 2.3GHz spectrum in regional areas after acquiring the spectrum from former satellite TV provider Austar. However, it lacked the... Continue reading...

NBN Co reveals 18 month rollout plan
30 Nov 2014 14:31 5

NBN Co released their new multi-technology rollout plan for a forward looking plan of the next 18 months. In their limited rollout plan release, which bares little resemblance or detail previously seen in NBN rollout plans, the company lists the area and the technology planned for use in their 18... Continue reading...


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