Submission to Online Copyright Infringement
13 Aug 2014 12:49 5

I have made my submission to the Online Copyright Infringement - public consultation. The Attorney-General's office has released a discussion paper about what steps can be taken by retail service providers to try and reduce online copyright infringement. You can read my full submission here.... Continue reading...

Data retention, it’s not about terrorism
06 Aug 2014 01:14 5

For those unaware, the concept of data retention has been floating around for a long while now. These plans are likely to have bipartisan support from both the LNP and Labor Governments. The former Labor Government introduced plans for data retention last year, but shelved it in June last year as... Continue reading...

NBN Co's irrational love for PDF
28 Jul 2014 03:53 5

For a Government that criticised the former NBN Co management for not being transparent enough while in opposition, NBN Co is faring quite poorly to date under this new Government and new management… especially in the accessibility of information. We've seen improvements and streamlining of metrics... Continue reading...

NBN hearing, now less of a cat-fight
12 Jul 2014 06:00 5

The latest public hearing for the Select Senate Committee on the National Broadband Network convened in Canberra yesterday, and for the first time – the entire hearing seemed relatively productive and much less like a cat fight. If you remember at the last Senate Budget Estimates hearing, the NBN Co... Continue reading...

Government launches Open Data initiative
09 Jul 2014 02:18 0

Earlier today, the Government launched its National Map Open Data initiative to coincide with the GovHack 2014 event starting Friday this week. The map aggregates existing Government datasets and presents it in a centralised mapping tool for viewing. I'm glad to see that the Government is taking... Continue reading...

Widely cited AFR article is factually incorrect
11 Jun 2014 06:19 5

In a widely cited article first published by the Australian Financial Review’s telecommunications reporters David Ramli and James Hutchinson broke the news claiming that over 118,000 homes and business had “defective” NBN fibre connections and that it would cost “more than $100 million to fix the... Continue reading...

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