NBN Co releases FTTN map: but doesn't distinguish between FTTP
19 Oct 2014 22:13 5

A few minutes after midnight, on a dark and cold Monday morning NBN Co released their latest update to the NBN rollout map showing areas that are part of the Fibre to the Node deployment trial. This was a long awaited update speculated for a whole week before the map update. A full list of CSAMs... Continue reading...

Latest ABS data not transparent enough
07 Oct 2014 06:23 5

ABS revealed figures earlier today showing that an average household with an NBN internet connection downloads 61GB a month. Spokesperson for the ABS said: That is roughly the same as 620 feature length films being watched on a TV, or 310 feature length films watched on two TVs. However, the... Continue reading...

My take: OccupyHK and the future of HK
03 Oct 2014 13:25 5

It's never pleasing to see your home country up in arms in protest. Having grown up in Hong Kong for the first six years of my life, the influence Hong Kong despite not being a country of its own remains embedded in who I am as a person much more so than that of mainland China which I had... Continue reading...

Geoblocking, now is the time to ditch
08 Sep 2014 11:23 0

(opinion) Now is the perfect time to kill content geoblocking for all, and here's why. The world has almost reached the point of IPv4 exhaustion. The final blocks of IPs are being carted around all over the globe, across countries, to places where IP addresses are falling short. That means that IPs... Continue reading...

NBN Co denies existence of Melton pilot
08 Sep 2014 05:11 5

In a surprising first, NBN Co has publicly disputed an article by an Australian publication about its project. Unlike previous scenario where similarly incorrect information was simply acknowledged internally but no public response was made, the company released an “article” early this morning... Continue reading...

Submission to Online Copyright Infringement
13 Aug 2014 12:49 5

I have made my submission to the Online Copyright Infringement - public consultation. The Attorney-General's office has released a discussion paper about what steps can be taken by retail service providers to try and reduce online copyright infringement. You can read my full submission here.... Continue reading...

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